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    Frontline Mission Partners

    Frontline Mission Partners

    Your monthly gifts as a Frontline Mission Partner fuel Leading The Way's mission to proclaim, disciple, and help. Each month, your gifts help sustain our work of:

    • Proclaiming the Gospel 24/7 in 26 languages through every major form of media.

    • Discipling new believers in closed countries.

    • Helping Christians grow in their faith as they begin to impact their local communities for Christ.

    As a thank-you for your partnership, new partners will receive a FREE DVD set of Dr. Youssef's teaching series Truth: The Most Endangered Species, and those who sign up with an automatic payment method will begin receiving 20% off in our online store when logged in.

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    • $ 25
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    • $ 100
    • Other$

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    Frontline Mission Partners
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