The Leadership Style of Jesus Small Group Study - Student's Workbook

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Softcover Discussion Guide, 54 pages.

You do not have to be a leader of hundreds to exercise leadership. Leadership exists wherever someone exerts influence: from churches and companies to sports teams and families. How will you use that influence? Will it be for your own ends? Or will you use it to honor the Lord?

In this complementary, chapter-by-chapter discussion guide to Dr. Michael Youssef’s classic book The Leadership Style of Jesus, you will learn how to apply the lessons of Jesus’ leadership style to everyday life. With Christ as the standard, learn how to deal with the temptations and pressures leaders face, including ego, anger, loneliness, criticism, the use of power, and passing the torch to others.

With insightful reflection questions, this resource will help you internalize the Truths of Scripture and evaluate how you can better emulate Christ in your home, workplace, campus, and more. Go through the discussion guide on your own or walk through it with others so that you can glean vital wisdom from like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ.
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